Part-time Newborn Mixed Pack

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Want a mix of nappies to use on your newborn? This pack contains enough nappies for 12 nappy changes and a bonus candie for when bub gets older. That's enough to do cloth part-time. A great way to get started without the pressure of having to do 'all or nothing' Scroll through our images and videos to see how all these nappies work


  • 5 bambams
  • 5 bamboo or hemp prefolds
  • 2 snappi's
  • 3 newborn PUL covers with gusset
  • 2 all in one pebbles
  • 1 bonus candie one sized fits most

Save 15% with this total pack valued at $357.15 (bamboo prefolds) or $382.15 (hemp prefolds)

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Part-time Newborn Mixed Pack is available to buy in increments of 1
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Part-time Newborn Mixed Pack
Part-time Newborn Mixed Pack

In stock



    Are you wanting to try cloth from birth but aren't sure what to try?

    This pack contains enough nappies to get you through 7 nappy changes so you can trial them at home and find what suits you and your family the best.


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    Bambams are a fitted cloth nappy specifically designed to fit every single newborn no matter how small they are! Because they are made from 2 layers of thick and lush bamboo terry, the whole nappy is not only super absorbent but because it doesn't have any snaps or velcro it molds to fit a newborn perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, we guarantee it. For more information on our nappy guarantee see below

    Bambams close with a snappi giving a much better fit than a snap or touch tape closure. If you aren't a fan of snappi's that's ok, when your baby is young they don't move around very much so you can use the cover to close them. We are just finishing off our bambam video which shows this technique.

    As bambams are fitted nappies they do require a cover, we recommend using one of our PUL Gusseted covers as the perfect combination. A fitted nappy and a gusseted cover will contain anything your baby can throw at it!


    • Composition - 90/10 Bamboo/Cotton Terry
    • Closure - Snappi
    • Cover Required - Yes
    • Sizing - Premmie 1.2kgs to 8kgs
    • Edging - Mocha Swirl

    Bambams will hold approx 152g of liquid



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    Bamboo terry prefolds are silky soft and are a luxurious nappy choice. 

    Our prefolds are made from our custom milled bamboo terry fabric in a 2/4/2 configuration with 2 layers on each side panel and 4 layers through the centre panel providing up to 8 layers of absorbency.

    • much more absorbent than cotton
    • fasten with a snappi or lay in one of our double gusseted PUL covers
    • use as extra boosting for other nappies
    • use as a pocket insert or inside an all in two shell
    •   35cm X 38cm - great for newborns regardless of size 
    • 67% Bamboo 
    • 28% Organic Cotton
    • 2% Spandex

    Bamboo prefolds will hold approx 137g of liquid

    • 47% Hemp 
    • 38% Organic Cotton
    • 5% Polyester

    Hemp prefolds will hold approx 160g of liquid



    An all in one reusable nappy is the closest you get to a single-use nappy. The only difference being that you wash it!

    There is no folding or pinning required with this cloth nappy. Stretch the nappy so the elastics roll in and pop under your baby and secure the velcro. Fast-drying, trim fitting and adjustable. Our Pepples all in one is the perfect nappy for your newborn baby.

    Each nappy features a polyester PUL outer shell and super soft minky inner. The shell of the nappy contains a layer of bamboo giving extra absorbency. The cleverly designed leg elastics roll in to prevent poo explosions. 

    The booster contains 2 layers of thick, absorbent bamboo. Fold the booster to have the soft, stay dry minky against babies skin or bamboo, the choice is yours.

    Pebbles newborn cloth nappies fit from 2–5.5kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby.

    • Fitting from 2-5.5kg with cross over tabs and soft velcro to give a good fit every time.
    • A layer of bamboo in the outer part of the nappy for extra absorbency.
    • Configurable, fold out booster for maximum absorbency and faster drying time.
    • Soft, stay dry minky on the inside for the greatest comfort

    Pebbles will hold approx 144g of liquid



    Our candies are one sized but do not have rise snaps, to see how they fit click the how to fit tab below

    Our gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies one sized all in two (Ai2) nappies are specifically designed to grow with your baby. They are made from soft polyester PUL or super soft minky laminated with PUL and with an inner layer is made from smooth soft suedecloth, which wicks moisture away from the skin.

    The snap in 2 layer trifold has a suedecloth panel in the centre which helps keep your baby dry. There is an additional 3 layer lay in booster. The booster can be folded in half and positioned exactly where it is needed. The booster set is made from 450gsm bamboo fleece giving 9-12 layers of super thick bamboo, which is super thirsty.

    The fabrics used in our nappies are custom milled to the highest standards offering you quality that is second to none. The shells will fit from approx 4kgs to 15kgs, which will see most children fitting them from around birth-4wks through to toilet training. The best part about our Bubblebubs Candies is the 2 row side snap configuration. It is this configuration that allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby right through to chunkiest of toddlers. As it is side snap wing droop is non-existent and the 2 rows of snaps allow for a great fit around the legs and the waist which will ensure that everything is contained. It also means there are no rise snaps to adjust making it the easiest one size nappy on the market to use.

    Best thing is, we sell them as separates. You purchase the shell, and then the booster sets. Why? Read below for how this will save you money, and get more use out of your Bubblebubs Candies Shells.

    • One Sized fitting from 4kgs to 15kgs
    • Side Snapping giving a great fit around legs and waist
    • Outer of super soft minky or PUL and inner of smooth suedecloth
    • Can be used with our Snap in Bamboo Booster set that gives up to 12 layers of absorbency, or as a cover over our fitted nappies.
    • If aired out between uses, the covers can be used multiple times during a day.
    • A candie with trifold and booster will hold approx 184g of liquid

    Economical - Being one sized you don't have to buy more nappies as your baby grows you can also save money by buying extra booster sets and re-using the outer shell. 
    Super Absorbent - Our bamboo has a higher bamboo content and is a thicker fabric than other brands on the market making it more absorbent 
    Side Snapping - Our snap configuration gives a great fit on all babies as you can adjust the leg snap separately from the waist which gives fantastic containment. It also eliminates wing droop which is where the excess fabric on the wings of front snapping nappies falls down and protrudes out the leg opening. 
    Quick Drying- Because the nappy pulls apart everything dries fast. 
    Money Back Guarantee
    - Because we know you'll love this nappy we back that up with a money back guarantee! That's valid even after you use it! See here for full details


    Not as trim as sized nappies- One sized nappies are bulkier than sized nappies in particular on newborns but this is soon overcome as they grow so fast! You can use the shell of the Bubblebubs Candies Ai2 as a cover over fitted nappies such as our ever popular Bambams which are designed to fit from preemie through to around 8-10mths


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